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Cleanings and Hygiene Appointments


Routine dental cleanings are the cornerstone of an affective oral health regimen, and our hygiene team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park have years of combined experience in providing patients with this vital routine dental service. Regular dental visits are essential for maintaining your oral health - not just to diagnose and treat any issues with your teeth or gums, but also to examine the overall state of your oral health, identify future trouble spots, and make preventative care recommendations. Maintaining a regular oral hygiene regimen in between visits is the most efficient way to keep your teeth clean and free of decay, your gums healthy, and your breath fresh.

Regular professional cleanings help to remove stubborn plaque, a collection of bacteria that leads to cavities and tooth decay. Regular dental cleanings help tp provide:

  • The removal of harmful plaque. When plaque builds up on the teeth and gums, this forms what is known as tartar. When tartar is left on teeth, this can lead to tooth decay as well as eventual tooth loss and other dental complications. Regular hygiene appointments and cleanings help to regularly remove plaque from the teeth, as does daily brushing and flossing. Combine these practices, and you'll help ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles!
  • Aesthetic improvement of the smile: Regular cleanings also help to keep stains and yellowing from developing on the teeth, helping to maintain a brighter and healthier-appearing smile. These stains are also indicative of tooth decay and a lack of regular brushing and oral hygiene, making it doubly important to brush and floss regular, both for the visual appearance of the teeth as well as their health.
  • Fresher breath. Fresh breath can be achieved by regularly removing plaque from the teeth, gums, and tongue through regular brushing and flossing. Bad breath forms due to the buildup of plaque and tartar in the mouth, which in turn results in a bad odor, or, bad breath. Brush and floss regularly and see our team ever six months to help maintain fresh breath and healthy smile.

Come in and see our team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park every six months to maintain the healthiest and brightest smile possible!

Teeth Cleanings & Exams in Evergreen Park, IL - Dental Hygiene Appointments Near Me - Dental Checkups in Oak Lawn, IL

Dental Exams in Evergreen Park

Routine professional dental exams help our team spot and address minor oral health concerns before they have the chance to develop into more serious complications such as tooth loss, decay, periodontal disease, root infections, and others. These minor concerns can typically be treated quite efficiently the same or in another single visit. Professional in-office exams with our team should be every six months, but certain patients may require exams more often due to predisposals to certain oral health conditions. Routine dental exams will include a thorough cleaning from your dentist as well as a full exam of your teeth and gums. During this exam, our team will carefully look for signs of oral health conditions, as well as conditions that are just beginning to show signs of development.

The goal of bi-annual dental visits is to avoid costly dental complications. Cavities, serious tooth decay, and gum disorders like gingivitis and periodontitis can all be prevented with regular dental cleanings and exams. A routine dental examination and x-rays will allow the dentist to detect problems before you do! You can keep your teeth for a lifetime and enhance your general health with frequent preventative treatment and good oral hygiene!

Come in and see our veteran team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park for your next dental exam and cleaning, and our team can help ensure that your smile remains healthy and free of signs of common oral health concerns.

Dental Exams in Oak Lawn & Evergreen Park - Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams Near Me

Dental Fillings in Evergreen Park

Cavities form when plaque on the teeth and gums begin to buildup and develop into tartar, which can then lead to decay and the eventual creation of small holes in the teeth. These small holes are known as dental cavities, and when left addressed, can lead to further dental complications and oral health concerns down the line.

Fillings are the routine dental treatment used to address cavities, and use a special resin to fill these small holes, or cavities, hence their name "fillings" as they fill these cavities. Dental fillings generally help maintain the full health and function of the tooth while also stopping decay, help keep the tooth healthy and avoid the need for the tooth to be removed.

Signs that you may in need of a dental filling to address cavities in the teeth can be tooth pain and tooth sensitivity. Speak with our team today at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today if you believe you're in need of a dental filling!

Affordable Dental Fillings Near Me - Dental Fillings in Oak Lawn & Evergreen Park, IL


Dental Sealants

Proven to help protect the biting surface of your and fight decay, dental sealants are a preventative and routine dental treatment that add a protective layer to the tooth enamel, helping protect the crowns and biting surface of your teeth from decay, cavities, and the acidic effects of food and beverages. Even when practicing a strong oral health regimen, there are simply areas of this biting surface that traditional brushing can't fully protect. Sealants offer additional protection from decay and cavities forming on the biting surface of the tooth.

Both adults and kids can benefit from dental sealants, and even children as young as early grade school years or earlier can safely receive them.

Speak with our team today at Dental Group of Evergreen Park to learn more about sealants and the other routine dental treatments that we offer!

Dental Sealants in Evergreen Park & Oak Lawn, IL - Preventative Dentist Near Me


Tooth Extractions

When tooth decay and gum disease are left unaddressed, one of the results can be tooth loss. Tooth may be lost or need to be extracted for a number of reasons, such as decay or facial trauma and dental emergencies. Root infections from within the pulp of the tooth can also lead to teeth needed to be extracted - however, this cause of tooth loss can typically be prevented with root canal procedures, which save infected teeth from extraction. Even when just a single tooth is missing, this can affect the function of your teeth as well as your bite and ability to speak and chew as normal.

Missing teeth also leads to the eventual decay of the jawbone itself, which is why replacing teeth that have been lost or extracted it vital immediately following the loss or extraction of a permanent adult tooth.

Speak with our team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park if you're experiencing severe tooth pain or severe tooth sensitivity, which are signs that teeth should be examined for signs of decay or the need for extraction.

Tooth Extractions in Evergreen Park, IL - Wisdom Tooth Removal Near Me - Emergency Tooth Extractions


Affordable Root Canals

Once a widely feared dental procedure by patients, root canals are now routine dental procedures that most patients compare to receiving a dental filling when it comes to the level of pain or discomfort that they receive during care. Today, millions of Americans receive these procedures annually, and root canals are now thankfully a convenient solution that can be completed in a single visit.

When the inner layer, or pulp, of the teeth become infected, this can result in the root of the tooth dying or becoming severely infected. This can result in tooth pain and sensitivity, and can eventually lead to the tooth needed to be extracted to prevent further infection.

During a root canal, your dentist will begin by drilling a small hole in the tooth that allows them to access the inner tooth material, or pulp. The infected material within the tooth is removed, and then filled with a synthetic material that protects the tooth from further infection. The hole is then sealed, and the tooth is now on its way to recovery. Root canals, as stated above, are now considered to be as uncomfortable by patients as a routine dental filling. The main reason for this is the use of local anesthesia, which numbs the area so the patient does not feel anything on that side of their mouth entirely.

After a root canal has been performed, it's key to maintain a strong oral health regiment to keep teeth healthy and safe from decay and the need for extractions.

Root Canals in Evergreen Park & Oak Lawn, IL - Root Canal Specialist Near Me


Tooth Bonding

A time-tested and highly reliable dental solution, tooth bonding is an alternative cosmetic and restorative dental treatment, essentially a replacement for veneers, that restores the teeth from chips, cracks, discoloration, and other aesthetic imperfections.

First steps before bonding takes place include treating the teeth with a bonding solution as well as using gently using dental tools along the surface of the teeth. The bonding solution itself is then applied to the teeth, and then formed into the desired final solution by your dentist. Bonding can typically be completed in one visit, and it's vital to maintain a strong oral health regimen of twice daily brushing, daily flossing, and the use of mouthwash in order to protect your newly bonded teeth.

Learn more about tooth bonding and whether or not it may be the right dental solution for you by calling our veteran team of providers at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today!

Inlays and Onlays

A versatile treatment solution, inlays and onlays help to restore and repair damaged teeth by placing material, which can be porcelain, gold, or other composite materials, over these damaged areas to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of teeth. The placement of inlays and onlays is similar to the placement of dental fillings, and can be applied in as few as one or two dental appointments.

During the first inlay or only visit, your dentist will determine which damaged areas of the teeth require inlays or onlays in order to restore these damaged areas and help to restore the function of these damaged teeth. This visit will also involve your dentist using tools to remove as much decayed material on the tooth as possible, which helps to prepare the tooth for inlay and only placement. Your dentist will then request inlays or onlays for fabrication.

While fillings can actually reduce the strength anf function of teeth overtime if many have to be added, inlays and onlays add to tooth strength, making them an alternative to fillings for patients who have extensive tooth damage. Inlays and onlays are bonded to the teeth using special resins that help retain and add to the strength of teeth, making them a fantastic long-term treatment solution that can last decades when cared for properly.

Speak with our team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today to learn more about inlays and onlays as well as if they may be the right dental solution for you!

Quality Dentures in Evergreen Park, IL

Dentures are a reliable and highly-rated restorative dental solution that replaced decayed or extracted natural teeth with synthetic teeth in order to help patients retain the full function of their smile and bite. The majority of dentures are typically manufactured from acrylic materials, and can last patients the rest of their life when cared for properly. There are several different types of dentures that patients should be made aware of:

  • Traditional dentures involve all natural teeth being extracted before being placed, and take the place of a patient's full bottom and top row of teeth.
  • Immediate dentures are able to be placed right after natural teeth have been extracted and gum material has had a chance to heal.
  • Upper dentures coverer the roof of the mouth and are typically colored to be the same color as your skin in order to make for discretion.
  • Lower dentures, which are shaped like horseshoes, make room for the tongue and help to restore the lower row of teeth.

The false teeth that accompany dentures are typically made of porcelain, and are placed after natural teeth have been removed. There are also partial dentures which can allow for some natural teeth to be left. After dentures are placed, patients can continue to brush and floss as normal to best maintain their dentures. Regular checkups with your dentist are also key in helping to protect dentures long term as your dentist will be able to spot minor complications with your dentures before these turn into larger issues.

Speak with our veteran restorative dentistry team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today to learn more about dentures and whether or not they may be the right dental solution for you!

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