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Invisalign® is a highly patient-rated and specialist-recommended tooth-straightening system that leverages digital scanning and a series of aligners to gradually move a patient’s teeth into a desired final position. Invisalign can straighten teeth and correct alignment and tooth spacing issues as efficiently as traditional metal braces, without the need for pesky metal wires and brackets. The aligners themselves are virtually invisible even from a conversational distance, making them a discreet treatment option or adults as well as young professionals. Invisalign is also a convenient treatment option that patients can benefit from after only a few consultation visits with their dentist.

Many older teens and adults want to straighten their teeth, but many detest the wires and brackets that come with traditional braces. For orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are a great replacement for metal braces. Contrary to braces, our patients are not subjected to rubber bands or the occasionally uncomfortable metal wires. This virtually invisible treatment option straightens your teeth by employing a set of personalized aligners!

The Invisalign system can be leveraged to correct an array of dental and orthodontic issues, such as tooth alignment, spacing, gaps, or straightness issues. Give that not all dentsits and orthodontists are certified to work with the Invisalign system, our team of Invisalign providers at Dental grou of Evergreen Park is certified and highly experienced in Invisalign treatments, and is able to offer this incredible solution to patients struggling with orthodontic concerns.

The Invisalign process begins with our team taking x-rays of your teeth to determine which specific orthodontic concerns you’re suffering from, and then digital scans are taken that allow our team to gather 3D views of your teeth and jaw to best determine the final shape your teeth will take to solve the spacing or alignment issues you’re experiencing. Then, these scans are used to create your custom set of aligners which patients typically wear for six to eight months, depending on how advanced their orthodontic needs are.

With our top-rated orthodontists choosing Clear Aligners guarantees straight teeth with minimal effort. We pay close attention to the smallest details to ensure that you have a beautiful smile as soon as possible! Speak with our team today at Dental Group of Evergreen Park to learn more about the Invisalign system and how you may be able to benefit from it!

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Invisalign Benefits

  • Invisalign® is a highly convenient treatment solution that you wear throughout the day and remove when eating or drinking, besides when you’re drinking water. There is also no risk of breaking or damaged wires as Invisalign leverages clear aligner trays and no metal appliances of any kind.
  • Invisalign also allows you to maintain the exact same oral health regimen as you would normally, without the need to brush or floss around any metal brackets or wires.
  • Your aligners can be removed when eating and drinking beverages other than water, and are extremely convenient in that there are no dietary restrictions needed with Invisalign. It is recommended, however, that sticky candies and foods be avoided to not stick to the inside of your Invisalign trays after putting these trays back in after eating.
  • Invisalign trays also offer a great amount of discretion as even from a conversational distance, most people will not be able to tell you’re wearing them!
  • Due to the 3D scanning that is part of the Invisalign system, most patients will be able to preview what their final results will look like with our speciality Invisalign software!
  • The aligners themselves are also quite comfortable, and they do not affect your ability to eat or speak, as well as play instruments.
  • Invisalign® is also an affordable orthodontic treatment option, and our team also offers payment plans and other financing options that help make Invisalign a perfect orthodontic solution for many patients.

Speak with our team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today to learn more about the advantages of hte Invisalign system!

Invisalign Costs in Evergreen Park

Contrary to what many patients believe, transparent aligners are often not more expensive than conventional braces. The price of Invisalign can vary from patient to patient depending on how severe your orthodontic case is, but it’s typically no more expensive than traditional braces. Your specific circumstances will determine not only how much your treatment will cost but also how long it will take to complete.

Will My Insurance Cover Invisalign®?

There are some dental insurance policies that cover Invisalign, and some plans can even cover several thousand dollars of the cost of Invisalign® treatment.  There are also many different types of payment plans that help to cover the cost of Invisalign, and our team works closely with each patient to help make Invisalign one of their most affordable orthodontic treatment options.

Are There Any Other Cost Considerations?

Because Invisalign® leverages a series of aligners, the system definitely has an impact on your overall lifestyle, and these aligners that are part of Invisalign should be worn consistently except for when patients are eating or drinking. Other than this fact, Invisalign is an otherwise very convenient and typically affordable orthodontic treatment that millions of patients in the US are currently benefiting from!

Speak with our team at Dental Group of Evergreen Park today to learn more about Invisalign and whether or not it may be the right orthodontic treatment option for you!

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